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Fiji Dairy Pte Ltd Fiji Dairy Pte Ltd

Laboratory Analyst

Job Description

In August 2012, Southern Cross Foods acquired Fiji Dairy Ltd - Fiji’s National Dairy Company. Based in Suva, the dairy plant manufactures a range of dairy products including pasteurised milk, UHT Milk, powdered milk, butter, yoghurts, cheese, fresh and sour cream, and various other flavoured dairy products. In addition to the running of the dairy plant, Fiji Dairy Limited is actively involved in establishing and promoting ‘best-practice’ dairy farms to help local farmers get better yield and better quality milk

The Laboratory Analyst is responsible for conducting test and analyzing specimens, samples, and other materials using specialized equipment and SOP's. This position reports to the Laboratory Supervisor and Quality Assurance Manager, Fiji Dairy Pte Limited.


Organisational Stakeholders
1. Lab Analysis and Testing
  • Standardized tests conducted on raw materials, finished products, samples  to ensure compliance with standards and regulations 
    • quality of materials or finished products tested and evaluated
    • chemical compounds or substances analyzed
    • Examine chemical or biological samples to identify cell structures or to locate bacteria or extraneous material
  • Accurate recording or compilation of test results ensured
    • prepare graphs, charts, or reports.
    • compute results
    • research or operational data.
  • Records of testing results or other documents maintained as required 
  • Regular maintenance of laboratory equipment performed by inspecting, calibrating, cleaning, or sterilizing.
    • housekeeping
    • Maintain laboratory or technical equipment.
  • Assistance provided to QA and NPD team in research and development, production technology, or quality control.



2. Quality management system ensured
  • Quality and accurate check of raw materials and packaging materials as per specifications monitored at all times.
    • Timely communication of deviations and accurate laboratory test results of the production line is provided as and when required. 
    • Non-compliance materials and packaging materials information highlighted to Lab Supervisor in a timely manner
    • Recording of instrument calibration must be accurate & conducted in a timely manner.
    • Sample collected for tests should be analyzed and recorded as per the SOP in a timely manner 
  • Drive QA calibration, check weighs as per set frequency, record and take corrective action for deviations in a timely manner
  • Continual monitoring of the laboratory stocks and instruments by preparing and submitting of the stock requisition to the Lab Supervisor on a timely manner and ensuring the stock is available at all time.
3. Regulatory & operationally compliant organization
  • Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) are managed in the laboratory at all time
  • Full compliance with all Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)  for testing of all products in the laboratory are ensured at all times.
  • Compliance with HACCP & ISO Systems at all times
    • External & Internal audits coordinated on an ongoing basis
    • ISO audits coordinated on a timely manner 
4. Well informed management
  • Completion of daily, weekly and monthly reports and presentation to management on a timeliness, quality and accurate manner
  • Recommend new ideas and cost-effective processes to execute improvements laboratory operation. 
  • Visit line to check non-compliance activities are being performed in accordance with required compliance procedures and quality management system.
  • Compile discrepancies status on monthly basis & inform QAM and follow up on corrective actions & closure in an accurate manner.
  • Ad-hoc information requests by lab supervisor, for decision-making purposes, addressed in a timely manner
5. Safe work environment promoted and ensured at all times
  • Work place safety is ensured                           
    • Communication of Safety, Health and Environment to all team members are on an on-going basis
    • Occupational Health & Safety systems promote zero workplace injury at all times
    • Local environmental regulation is aligned with work place safety on an on-going basis
  • Workplace hazards eliminated at all times   
    • Systems assist in the identification and elimination of work place hazards on an on-going basis
6. Fiji Dairy Pte Limited's values upheld and demonstrated at all times
  • Collaborate with other teams for the benefit of the organisation
  • Monitor and encourage team members to uphold image and value standards
  • Uphold and demonstrate the organisation's image and values

Responsibilities - Critical Competencies

Competence Description
Systems and Procedures Develop and/or apply procedures to assist the organisation achieve its goals.
Information Analysis Make informed decisions by collecting and interpreting data and information
Documentation Communicate using formal business writing.
Customer Commitment Demonstrate a commitment to customer service - both internal and external customers.
Quality Focus Deliver quality.
Team Orientation Work in a team towards a common aim.
Self-Management Manage your priorities and objectives efficiently and effectively
Technical Strength Demonstrate knowledge of a specialist discipline.
Compliance Comply with relevant laws and the policies and procedures of the organisation.
Equipment Operation Control the operation of specialised equipment, plant or vehicles to satisfy the demands of the assignment.


Qualification Discipline Notes
Degree Biology, Chemistry, Food Technology

Work Knowledge and Experience

  1. At least 1-2 years' experience in a similar role within a manufacturing environment
  2. Ability to prepare accurate reports containing findings and recommendation
  3. Have a good understanding of legislation pertaining to quality operations, good manufacturing practices and food safety & Hygiene
  4. Self-motivated and able to communicate effectively at all levels both within and outside the Company


Interaction Comments
All employees
Statutory Authorities


Attribute Definition
Behavioural Styles
Accepting/compliant Shows a willingness to go along with things and a compliance with expectations.
Accountable Assumes full responsibility for own actions and identifies with the success or failure of own part of the overall work/goal.
Detail oriented Attends to the small elements of a task/activity, ensuring completeness and accuracy.
Integrity Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.
Punctuality Completes a required task or fulfills an obligation before or at a previously designated time
Interpersonal Styles
Consensus seeker Works to achieve group solidarity and general agreement and harmony.
Realistic Shows concern for facts and reality, rejecting the impractical.
Team Oriented Enjoys being with others as part of a group or team.
Thinking Styles
Challenger Queries, tests information/beliefs and provokes thought.
Conscientious Demonstrates a sense of right and wrong and a personal obligation to do the right thing.
Holistic thinker Considers issues/situations as a whole rather than analysing or dissecting the parts.
Well organised Controls tasks in a well thought out and critical manner.

Suva, Fiji


24 Feb 2023

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