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Fijian Broadcasting Corporation Fijian Broadcasting Corporation

Chief Executive Officer

Job Description

Fijian Broadcasting Corporation today operates a network of six radio stations; two in each of the three major languages (i-Taukei, Hindustani and English). The stations are Radio Fiji One and Bula FM (i-Taukei), Radio Fiji Two and Mirchi FM (Hindustani) and Gold FM and 2Day FM (English).

The Chief Executive Officer is responsible for the executive leadership, management and overall operational activities of the Fijian Broadcasting Corporation Limited (FBC) for both the radio and television operations. The role identifies and responds to opportunities, risks and challenges that arise within the the organisation including sound investment strategies to increase revenue and financial sustainability. In addition, will establish and maintain relationships with other relevant media partners, statutory organisation, private sector, advertisers and relevant government ministries in Fiji to identify opportunities for prudent investment and ongoing business relations. S/he reports to the Board of Directors.


Organisational Stakeholders
1. A strategic and commercially focused organisation
  • Strategic Plan facilitated and implemented                
    • A robust and timely three-year strategic planning process ensured, identifying and evaluating strategic options for growth
    • Annual rolling review of the strategic plan is implemented with the Board
      • Corrective measures conducted and implemented, including recommendations where required 
  • Mandated activities are focused on the core business not limited to other revenue generating business opportunities exploited
  • Continuous stakeholder engagement supports financial growth and organisational sustainability
    • Commercial viability managed - current and future
      • Funding secured from Government and revenue streams through the private partnership/sector ensured
      • Funding and revenue streams meets financial goals over time
      • Competitive positioning of the organisation to realise returns on revenue and market share
        • Increase in market share of the organisation
  • Overall long-term organisational plans devised/reviewed and implemented not limited to financial sustainability                               
    • Plans promoted and accepted by the Board
    • Monitoring and evaluation plan implemented to ensure the intended and desirable results from the business plans
    • prudent financial investment to support the expanding needs of the organisation ensured
      • Identify, support and provide sufficient resources to promote establishment of business opportunities for viable revenue stream
      • Technological advancement and continuous assessment to support business interests/investments promoted and further enhanced
  • Effective (appropriate and robust) internal controls are in place at all times and compliance to avoid wastage or revenue leakage
2. Management and Leadership of FBC
  • Annual work plan and budget prepared and presented (reporting to meet Government guidelines)
    • Workplan/budget format meets relevant requirements 
    • Budget monitoring based on business needs ensured
      • Accountability through vigilant budget monitoring 
      • Budgetary anomalies rectified and reported in a timely manner
    • Regular and ad hoc financial reports provided to relevant stakeholders in a timely manner
    • Financial analysis undertaken and report presented to aid decision making ensured
  • The organisation partnerships/networks and core outcomes continuously improved and refined to meet international/regional/regulatory standards
    • Ensuring partnerships and focus on thematic areas
    • Activity/programme deliverables needs to be continuously refined
  • Organisation's policy and procedure framework maintained and realigned as and when required
  • Assets of the organisation maximised through prudent investment opportunities
  • FBC is represented in regional and international workshops, conferences, meetings, etc. aligned to the business core objectives
  • FBC is represented to stakeholders from various organisations throughout Fiji
    • Establish and maintain harmonious and effective stakeholder relationships
    • Build relationships with potential clients/contributors to the organisation
  • Effective internal management of the organisation is supported including but not limited to:
    • Technology, compliance, internal policies and procedures, etc. 
  • Support provided to the strengthening and advocacy of an inclusive and diverse media in Fiji
    • policies and procedures reflective of this including subscribing to acceptable international media standards eg. introduction of safeguarding policies in all aspects of work in particular for field reporters, contractors etc.
  • Data collected and analysed in relation to capacity development and media in Fiji and the region
    • Assessment of financial data and human resources for implementation of policies
    • Data includes costing and financial gap analysis
3. Customer focused operations
  • Customer-driven strategy formulated and implemented through all aspects of the organisation
    • review of strategy in response to target market expectations as required e.g. introduction of popular content based on consumption
    • customer orientated services for all advertisers, subscribers and free-to-air viewers
    • value adding products for clients to meet current market demands and in line with international media standards
  • Communication strategy to address customer needs and stakeholders expectations ensured
    • easy and seamless customer communication strategy cascaded into all aspects of business activities and adhered to
    • customer feedback built into business processes for a seamless & greater satisfaction ensured
    • leadership provided on the development, implementation and annual review of the organisation's communications strategy
    • effective communication policies and protocols are developed and implemented
    • effective engagement with service providers to communicate the the organisation and its partners' achievements and learning in promoting media standards in Fiji
  • The profile and brand of FBC maximised and further enhanced through various business activities of the organisation
  • Change management delivers significant improvement in effective and efficient operations
    • Change management strategy effectively led in partnership with the senior management team in consultation with the Board
    • Change management initiatives effectively communicated to staff and management support for change processes and outcomes
    • Impact analyses and evaluation of the change management delivered
    • Risk mitigation strategy clearly identified and managed
4. Robust Human Capital Management ensured
  • A succession planning framework for key positions established, implemented and monitored
  • Human capital management policy framework is developed, implemented and continuously strengthened in alignment with relevant laws and regulations
    • Efficiency and productivity of all employees is maintained and sustained
    • An effective performance management system is in place supporting continuous improvement, good leadership, and excellent organisational communication.
    • Staff developed through the identification of training needs and opportunities
      • Mentoring and upskilling is ensured
    • Employees are supported and motivated through organisational systems and programs
5. Well-informed Board and stakeholders supports informed decision-making
  • Board reporting on financial performance, mandated activities, programmes and activities provided in a timely manner
  • Sound advice provided to the Board includes but is not limited to organisation policies, regulatory compliance and good governance
  • Operations and administration of the Board is effectively supported
    • Board of  is provided with papers, information, meeting agendas in a complete timely fashion
    • Board Chair is kept fully informed of key developments between Board meetings
  • Stakeholder management between Board, organisations, community and stakeholders is effective and productive
  • Corporate risk monitoring reports are accurate and timely
6. FBC's reputation and value standards demonstrated and promoted
  • Teamwork is encouraged and promoted for the benefit of FBC
  • Team members are encouraged and supported to uphold FBC reputation and value standards

Responsibilities - Critical Competencies

Competence Description
Strategic Development Establish the strategic direction and steer the organisation towards its goals
Business Performance Manage the performance of the organisation.
Risk Management Analyse and manage risk.
Change Management Implement and manage changing situations resulting from a change in strategic/business.
Planning Deliver results by developing, reviewing or following a work plan, action plan or operational plan.
Resource Management Deliver results through the efficient and effective allocation and use of supplies , equipment and people.
Systems and Procedures Develop and/or apply procedures to assist the organisation achieve its goals.
Information Analysis Make informed decisions by collecting and interpreting data and information
Communication Exchange information through verbal communication
Customer Commitment Demonstrate a commitment to customer service - both internal and external customers.
Promotion Promote the value of the products/services offered by the organisation.
Commercial Focus Optimize the commercial viability of the organisation.
Relationship Building Build beneficial relationships with suppliers and stakeholders.
Quality Focus Deliver quality.
Social and Cultural Awareness Respond respectfully and effectively to people of different cultural and social backgrounds.
Leadership Utilise a leadership position to influence people and events and to increase performance.
Team Orientation Work in a team towards a common aim.
Problem Solving Develop practical solutions to a situation.
Negotiation Reach agreement through discussion and compromise.
Innovation Use original and creative thinking to make improvements and/or develop and initiate new approaches.
Technical Strength Demonstrate knowledge of a specialist discipline.
Compliance Comply with relevant laws and the policies and procedures of the organisation.
Financial Application Apply financial principles and practices.
Research Apply formal research methodologies.
Environment Establish and maintain an environmentally friendly organisation


Qualification Discipline Notes
Higher Degree incl. Post Grad Cert or Dip Business and Management, Media, Management/ Human Resources Management or relevant discipline.
Masters Degree Business Administration, Media

Work Knowledge and Experience

  1. Demonstrated experience in strategic planning, human capital management, organisational leadership, change management, and investment
  2. Excellent communication, robust interpersonal and influencing skills to build strong relationships, foster stakeholder engagement, create new partnerships and drive a culture of inclusivity and continuous development
  3. A minimum of ten years’ professional experience in a similar environment and at senior management level
  4. Understanding of the media spaces in Fiji and globally with the view of localising to meet business demands
  5. Experience working with/for civil society organisations, private sector and government
  6. Demonstrated experience coordinating multiple activities and in high level stakeholder engagement and relationship building including leading cross-cultural multi-disciplinary teams in complex working environments
  7. High level communication skills, both verbal and written and advanced computing skills in word processing and excel spreadsheet


Language Proficiency
Excellent command of English
Professional Associations
Membership of appropriate Professional Institution
Regulatory Compliance Requirements
Police Clearance
Relevant certifications, registrations, and licenses may be required.


Interaction Comments
Management Team
All employees
Board of Directors
Government authority
Statutory Authorities


Attribute Definition
Behavioural Styles
Accountable Assumes full responsibility for own actions and identifies with the success or failure of own part of the overall work/goal.
Innovative Devises new and creative ways to do things comes up with original ideas.
Resilient Cope positively with stress and catastrophe. Bounces back from setbacks, mistakes or misfortunes.
Energetic Constantly active and driven to put in effort. Works hard to promote an enterprise.
Integrity Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.
Interpersonal Styles
Forthright Speaks out frankly without hesitation, showing a direct manner.
Perceptive Shows keen insight and understanding of issues or situations.
Realistic Shows concern for facts and reality, rejecting the impractical.
Empathic Has the ability to understand somebody else's feelings or difficulties.
Thinking Styles
Decisive Reaches conclusions, promptly and firmly.
Numerate Shows abilities in quantitative thought and expression.
Well organised Controls tasks in a well thought out and critical manner.
Challenger Queries, tests information/beliefs and provokes thought.
Holistic thinker Considers issues/situations as a whole rather than analysing or dissecting the parts.

Suva, Fiji Islands


14 Mar 2023

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