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CJ Patel (Pacific) Pte Ltd CJ Patel (Pacific) Pte Ltd

Assistant Warehouse Supervisor

Job Description

CJ Patel (Pacific) Limited is one of Fiji’s largest distributors of locally manufactured and renowned international Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) within Fiji and most of the Pacific. The company has an extensive distribution network with major supermarkets, food service industries and down-the-line (DTL) retailers with its main warehouse in Wailekutu, Lami and supported by branch operations in Lautoka and Labasa and other regional markets such as New Zealand, East Timor, Vanuatu, Kiribati, Tonga, Samoa and Papua New Guinea.

The Assistant Warehouse Supervisor is responsible assisting the warehouse manager/supervisor in maintaining workflows, keeping work areas organized, ensuring that items are dispatched on time, keeping inventories updated and improving customer satisfaction. This position reports to the Warehouse Supervisor/Warehouse Manager, CJ Patel Pacific Pte Limited.


Organisational Stakeholders
1. Inventory managed
  • Goods movement and storage managed
    • Container inspection carried out for cleanliness and damages on a timely basis
    • Goods loaded and offload correctly as per documentation without damages at all times 
      • Accuracy in picking, labelling and packing of stocks ensured
      • sets up orders for delivery or pickup
    • Dispatch of loaded containers from site in a timely manner & documentation ensured
    • Shipping documentation submitted to customers in a timely manner
  • Warehouse storage space management
    • Raw, and finished goods movement ensured 
  • Customer delivery levels (CDL)  managed
  • Goods returns processes managed
2. Stakeholder relationship management
  • Working relationship managed at all times 
    • Suppliers
    • Nestle supply chain team
    • Transportation companies
    • Custom agents
  • Customer satisfaction maintained at all times
    • Customer complaints resolved on a timely basis 
3. Regulatory and Compliant organisation
  • Compliant with company policies and procedures at all times
  • Compliance safety policies and procedures  at all times
    • Compliance to OHS requirements for lifting equipment ensured
    • Compliant with ISO at all times
  • Fumigation standards adhered to all times
  • Audit recommendations implemented on a timely basis  
  • Daily inspection of the warehouse grounds performed
4. Effective Human Capital Management ensures a productive, stable and increasingly capable workforce
  • Assistance in daily supervision of warehouse staff and activities provided
    •  effectiveness of warehousing activities and employees performance ensured and reported
    • Determine staffing levels and assign workload
  • Guidance to CJ Patel Pacific Pte Limited's staff ensured
    • Staff developed and motivated to ensure they achieve maximum performance.               
    • Regular feedback provided to staff ensuring it is accurate, objective and helpful.           
    • Communicate work expectations and timescales with the team during daily briefings.
  • Disciplinary or performance issues in line with company procedures managed, seeking advice from your Line Manager and HR as required.
  • Induction for all new staff conducted
  • Annual performance appraisal completed for direct reports
  • All training needs identified communicated to management.
    • Training, support, direction and guidance to department personnel provided to continually develop their work habits, job skills and safety practices     
5. Safe work environment promoted and ensured at all times
  • Work place safety is ensured 
    • Communication of Safety, Health and Environment to all team members are on an on-going basis
    • All warehouse risk assessments and SOP’s ensured and being adhered to by all workforce               
      • accidents and near misses reported in a timely and accurate manner using the correct methods                                              
        • ensure the team are also aware of their responsibilities to report accidents and near misses.
      • arrangements made to action any noncompliant items where required.
      • regular safety inspections conducted of the warehouse equipment in accordance with company procedures.
      • All workers are using the correct PPE in general and work specific tasks.
      • Excellent levels of housekeeping maintained to ensure areas are free from waste and trip hazards etc.                        
        • all fire points maintained in accordance with risk assessments.
      • Management notified of any potential noncompliance and assistance provided in carrying out any disciplinary measures
    • Occupational Health & Safety systems promote zero workplace injury at all times
    • Local environmental regulation is aligned with work place safety on an on-going basis
  • Workplace hazards eliminated at all times
6. CJ Patel Pacific Pte Limited's values upheld and demonstrated at all times
  • Collaborate with other teams for the benefit of the organisation
  • Monitor and encourage team members to uphold image and value standards
  • Uphold and demonstrate the organisation's image and values

Responsibilities - Critical Competencies

Competence Description
Planning Deliver results by developing, reviewing or following a work plan, action plan or operational plan.
Resource Management Deliver results through the efficient and effective allocation and use of supplies , equipment and people.
Systems and Procedures Develop and/or apply procedures to assist the organisation achieve its goals.
Customer Commitment Demonstrate a commitment to customer service - both internal and external customers.
Quality Focus Deliver quality.
Facilitation Assist the progress of work ensuring its timely and effective completion.
Stock Control Acquire and monitor stock to meet business needs


Qualification Discipline Notes
Diploma Business Management or Administration

Work Knowledge and Experience

  1. Previous experience as a warehouse supervisor or a similar management position.
  2. Strong working knowledge of warehouse operations and management.
  3. Time management and problem solving skills and the ability to delegate.
  4. Excellent leadership and organizational skills.
  5. Knowledge on regulatory requirements for import/export shipments
  6. Strong communication and interpersonal skills. .
  7. Proficiency in Microsoft Office and data entry software.


Language Proficiency
Good Command of English


Interaction Comments
Management Team
All employees
Human Resources Officer - CJPP
Sales Team
Logistics Team
Statutory Authorities


Attribute Definition
Behavioural Styles
Punctuality Completes a required task or fulfills an obligation before or at a previously designated time
Accountable Assumes full responsibility for own actions and identifies with the success or failure of own part of the overall work/goal.
Achiever Puts in effort to achieve a desired result or goal and is motivated by this end and the overall accomplishment.
Detail oriented Attends to the small elements of a task/activity, ensuring completeness and accuracy.
Interpersonal Styles
Self-sufficient and assured Readily copes with situations without recourse/need of others, showing confidence and belief in oneself and one's own abilities.
Team Oriented Enjoys being with others as part of a group or team.
Forthright Speaks out frankly without hesitation, showing a direct manner.
Thinking Styles
Well organised Controls tasks in a well thought out and critical manner.
Flexible/Adaptable Readily accommodates changing circumstances, modifying own behaviour and/or views. Able to adjust easily to new conditions.
Numerate Shows abilities in quantitative thought and expression.

Lautoka, Fiji


24 Mar 2023

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1 year ago

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