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CJ Patel & Company Pte Ltd CJ Patel & Company Pte Ltd

Building Services Officer v (1.00) [Wailekutu, Lami]

Job Description

CJ Patel Group is a diverse group of companies operating across a variety of industries, all with the common goal of delivering world-class products and services. With the head office in Suva, CJ Patel Group has extended manufacturing, sales, distribution and service businesses in Fiji with renowned brands and products and significant exports to a number of countries.

The Building Services Officer is responsible to oversee the electrical/building services functionalities for equipment's and systems including carrying out a preventative, planned maintenance program and undertake routine inspections of the premises, fixtures, fittings and utility meters for the CJ Patel Group of companies. This position reports to the Property Manager, CJ Patel & Co Pte Ltd.


Organisational Stakeholders
1. Electrical functionalities for equipment's and electrical connections & systems Managed
  • Plans for installation and inspections of electrical wiring for well functioning lighting, intercom, building services equipment and other electrical/building services systems executed
    • Installation of electrical apparatus, fixtures and equipment for alarm and other systems ensured and maintained
    • Connect wiring in electrical circuits and networks ensuring compatibility of components
    • Equipment availability for electrical requirement reliability maximized 
    • Installation, repair, troubleshooting and maintenance of 3 phase and single-phase electrical equipment’s
    • Work on switchboards performed  in accordance with specifications
  • Business continuity resumption ensured through maintenance of backup                        
    • Consistent standby generator testing ensured
    • Adequate fuel levels maintained at all times
  • All emergency maintenance attended to in a timely manner                
    • Root cause analysis of all electrical breakdowns carried out and corrective/preventative actions implemented
    • Sourcing of external contractors and service providers
  • Electrical/Energy savings ensured               
    • Power factor and electricity consumption monitored daily to ensure capacitor is not faulty
    • Electrical abnormalities investigated and highlighted to Property Manager.
    • Energy savings opportunities explored to reduce energy consumption on an ongoing basis
  • Compliance to building services and electrical standards ensured
    • Reviews of new construction and equipment upgrade contract documents and drawings for configuration management and conformance to various design and materials standards performed
2. Preventive and Predictive Maintenance Managed
  • All level preventative and predictive maintenance activities on electrical/building service equipment and systems performed
  • Advanced level troubleshooting and corrective maintenance on electrical/building service equipment and systems 
  • Root cause analysis on repetitive and catastrophic electrical equipment and system failures performed
  • Installation of safety and distribution components (e.g. switches, resistors, circuit-breaker panels etc.) ensured
    • Repair or replacement needs identified and communicated to Property Manager.
    • Effective troubleshooting to identify hazards or malfunctions and repair or substitute damaged units performed
  •  Electrical/Building Service systems and control circuits upgraded to enhance the efficient, reliable and safe operation
    • Processes and installations meet building and electrical standards mandated by government regulations and standards at all times
    • Maintenance audit gap identified attended to and closed in a timely manner
  • Appropriate service and repair records maintained
3. Well informed Management
  • Plans for upgrading systems and recommending replacement of equipment discussed with Property manager.
    • Track areas that need electrical/building services maintenance, maintaining electrical equipment
    • Recommend and advise management on all electrical/building services matters in the factory & premises 
  • Accurate records maintained for well informed team
  • Ad- hoc information requests by management, for decision making purposes, addressed and in a timely manner
4. Safe work environment promoted and ensured at all times.
  • Work performed in accordance with established safety procedures              
  • Workplace safety is ensured                         
    • Communication of Safety, Health and Environment to all team members are on an on-going basis
    • Occupational Health & Safety systems promotes zero workplace injury at all times
    • Local environmental regulation is aligned with work place safety on an on-going basis
  • Workplace hazards eliminated at all times                  
    • Systems assist in the identification and elimination of work place hazards on an on-going basis
5. CJ Patel & Co Pte. Ltd's values upheld and demonstrated at all times
  • Collaborate with other teams for the benefit of the organisation
  • Monitor and encourage team members to uphold image and value standards
  • Uphold and demonstrate the organisation's image and values

Responsibilities - Critical Competencies

Competence Description
Risk Management Analyse and manage risk.
Customer Commitment Demonstrate a commitment to customer service - both internal and external customers.
Relationship Building Build beneficial relationships with suppliers and stakeholders.
Team Orientation Work in a team towards a common aim.
Facilitation Assist the progress of work ensuring its timely and effective completion.
Technical Strength Demonstrate knowledge of a specialist discipline.
Compliance Comply with relevant laws and the policies and procedures of the organisation.
Maintenance Monitor and/or maintain equipment, plant or vehicles in sound operating order.
Health and Safety Establish and maintain a safe and healthy work environment.


Qualification Discipline Notes
Diploma Electrical/Electronics/Communications Wiremen's License
Degree Building and Construction, Electrical/Electronics/Communications

Work Knowledge and Experience

  1. At least 3-5 years industrial experience as an Electrician with valid wireman's license
  2. Knowledge of PLC Controls and the ability to Read, Interpret Electrical/Building Services Diagram
  3. Thorough knowledge of safety procedures and legal regulations and guidelines including tag in/out procedures
  4. Demonstrable ability to use electrical and hand tools (e.g. wire strippers, voltmeter etc.) and electrical/building services drawings and blueprints
  5. AutoCAD Drafting, MS Excel, MS Word
  6. Must have project management skills and excellent critical thinking and problem-solving ability


Interaction Comments
Management Team
Properties Team
Engineering Team
Energy Fiji Limited


Attribute Definition
Behavioural Styles
Accountable Assumes full responsibility for own actions and identifies with the success or failure of own part of the overall work/goal.
Innovative Devises new and creative ways to do things comes up with original ideas.
Reliable Is able to be trusted to do what is expected or has been promised, puts in a great amount of effort believing in the value of work.
Interpersonal Styles
Self-sufficient and assured Readily copes with situations without recourse/need of others, showing confidence and belief in oneself and one's own abilities.
Team Oriented Enjoys being with others as part of a group or team.
Thinking Styles
Concrete thinker Focuses on the tangible experiences of actual things or events.
Holistic thinker Considers issues/situations as a whole rather than analysing or dissecting the parts.
Initiative Takes action and makes decisions without the help or advice of other people.

Wailekutu, Lami, Fiji


21 Apr 2023

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9 months ago

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