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Kontiki Finance Ltd Kontiki Finance Ltd

Group Head of Products and Distribution

Job Description

Kontiki Finance Limited is a Fijian majority-owned business, listed on the South Pacific Stock Exchange and RBF licensed to provide competitive and accessible payment solutions.

The Group Head of Products and Distribution provides leadership and effective executive management to the Sales Division of the company to ensure maximum profitability, well trained motivated staff, efficient operations and systems and satisfied customers are achieved.


Organisational Stakeholders
1. Outcome
The Group Head of products and distribution will be accountable for the following outcomes:

1. A sales growth focused KFL:
- A 3 to 5 year rolling strategic focus for growth in sales volumes and receivables portfolio
- Sales planning focused on core business development
- Sales budgets prepared, monitored and met
- Performance managed through the performance management system
- KFL's regulatory framework maintained with development of new products
- KFL corporate image monitored and managed

2. KFL leadership:
- Demonstration of KFL image and value standards.
- Work cooperative with management team and Board
- Engendered a sense of
- Efficiency in a workforce with strong values and a learning and work culture
- An efficient,motivated and safe, and healthy workforce
- Human capital managed as a strategic part of the growth of the sales team
- Kontiki values demonstrated at all times

3. Professional services provided:
- Management of all stakeholders
- Proactively servicing the customers
- Business partnerships with retail, finance industry and other sectors sucessfully managed

4. Developing and growing business:
- Developed and improved sales and distributionservices
- Improved corporate image, positioning and acceptance by customers and channels
- Facilitation of a developing and growing sales workforce

5. A statutory and operational compliant KFL:
- Statutory compliance including compliance with the relevant regulations
- Sales and distribution activities are compliant

6. Values and code of ethics demonstrate at all times.

Responsibilities - Critical Competencies

Competence Description
Strategic Development Establish the strategic direction and steer the organisation towards its goals
Information Analysis Make informed decisions by collecting and interpreting data and information
Documentation Communicate using formal business writing.
Communication Exchange information through verbal communication
Customer Commitment Demonstrate a commitment to customer service - both internal and external customers.
Promotion Promote the value of the products/services offered by the organisation.
Commercial Focus Optimize the commercial viability of the organisation.
Relationship Building Build beneficial relationships with suppliers and stakeholders.
Quality Focus Deliver quality.
Organisational Values Display the organisation's image and value standards.
Leadership Utilise a leadership position to influence people and events and to increase performance.
Team Orientation Work in a team towards a common aim.
Facilitation Assist the progress of work ensuring its timely and effective completion.
Negotiation Reach agreement through discussion and compromise.
Innovation Use original and creative thinking to make improvements and/or develop and initiate new approaches.
Learning Develop the competencies of self and others to enhance performance.
Self-Management Manage your priorities and objectives efficiently and effectively
Technical Strength Demonstrate knowledge of a specialist discipline.
Financial Application Apply financial principles and practices.
Mathematical Reasoning Apply mathematical reasoning.


Qualification Discipline Notes
Higher Degree incl. Post Grad Cert or Dip Sales and Marketing; Business, commerce or similar
Masters Degree Sales and Marketing; Business, commerce or similar

Work Knowledge and Experience

  1. Demonstrated experience in forming sales teams at an executive level
  2. Knowdge of the finance industry an advantage
  3. Proven successful leadership of teams in a business environment
  4. Demonstrated knowledge of strategic planning in a business environment


Language Proficiency
Excellent command of English


Interaction Comments
Area Managers
Chief Executive Officer
Company Directors
Key staff in Departments
Management Team
Team Members
Sales Team
Business clients
Financial Institutions
Government Officials
Sales Agents


Attribute Definition
Behavioural Styles
Achiever Puts in effort to achieve a desired result or goal and is motivated by this end and the overall accomplishment.
Energetic Constantly active and driven to put in effort. Works hard to promote an enterprise.
Enthusiastic Shows high levels of excitement and interest, and expresses positive feelings.
Innovative Devises new and creative ways to do things comes up with original ideas.
Integrity Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.
Resilient Cope positively with stress and catastrophe. Bounces back from setbacks, mistakes or misfortunes.
Interpersonal Styles
Forthright Speaks out frankly without hesitation, showing a direct manner.
Perceptive Shows keen insight and understanding of issues or situations.
Realistic Shows concern for facts and reality, rejecting the impractical.
Team Oriented Enjoys being with others as part of a group or team.
Thinking Styles
Challenger Queries, tests information/beliefs and provokes thought.
Decisive Reaches conclusions, promptly and firmly.
Disciplined / Systematic Is controlled in conduct, shows an orderly pattern of behaviour, following a methodical and thorough approach
Imaginative Generates ideas and images, showing creativity.
Initiative Takes action and makes decisions without the help or advice of other people.
Numerate Shows abilities in quantitative thought and expression.
Well Organized Controls tasks in a well thought out and critical manner

Suva, Fiji


13 Sep 2023

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