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CJP - IT Department CJP - IT Department

IT Support Officer v (1.00) [Wailekutu]

Job Description

CJ Patel Group is a diverse group of companies across a variety of industries, all with the common goal of delivering world-class products and services. With the head office in Suva, Fiji, CJ Patel Group has extended manufacturing, sales, distribution and service businesses in Fiji with renowned brands and products with significant exports to a number of countries.

The IT Support Officer is responsible for maintaining the computer networks, providing technical support and ensuring the end users are provided a conducive ICT enabled work environment using the necessary computing tools and resources to maximize their productivity. The position reports to the Manager ICT Infrastructure, CJ Patel & Co Pte Ltd.


Organisational Stakeholders
1. Network and Hardware Infrastructure Support Optimization
  • Installation and configuration of computer hardware operating systems and applications in a timely manner 
    • Troubleshoot system and network problems, diagnosing and solving hardware faults on an ongoing basis
      • Onsite and remotely
  • Performance of inhouse systems monitored ensuring issues are appropriately escalated and resolved
  • Systems and data security maintained at a high standard, ensuring the integrity of the companies network is not compromised.
  • ICT Fixed asset inventory updated in a timely manner 
    • Audit for all fixed assets - computer users conducted in a timely and accurate manner 
    • Recommendations for write-offs based on fixed assets inventory to dispose obsolete computers in accordance with ICT policy provided
    • Online asset management register managed 
  • Hardware type and specification recommended for end users that is best suited for their scope of work.
  • Procurement of IT equipment recommended in accordance with company policies and procedures and within agreed budget
  • ICT Best Practice and good ethic promoted and advocated at all times when dealing with end users
  • Basic Server Administration.
    • Basic server tasks performed under strict guidance and delegation of  Senior System Administrator
2. Client support ensured
  • Excellent working relationships with key suppliers maintained and developed.
    • Dealings conducted in a professional and appropriate manner
    • Appropriate working relationships with third parties maintained
  • First point of ICT Technical Support provided for all end users in a timely manner
    • staff and users assisted through a series of actions, either face to face; email or over the telephone to help set up systems or resolve issues in a timely fashion. 
    • Troubleshoot technical issues to resolution 
    • Proper and timely escalation of unresolved issues ensured to enable supervisors to find quick resolution
  • Technical assistance provided to project teams and undertake technical project roles when required; supporting the roll-out of new applications and solutions.
  • All incidents and service requests Logged in designated Helpdesk system in a timely manner 
    • Helpdesk tickets, planning and prioritizing systematically to minimise backlog 
    • Call-outs & issues responded to and resolved within agreed time limits 
    • Repair of hardware faults and software configuration problems expedited
      • notifying or forwarding to relevant suppliers in a timely manner
  • End users are assisted and supported well in terms of computing resources and needs to enable them to carry out their duty in the most conducive environment that promotes maximum productivity.
3. Safe work environment promoted and ensured at all times.
  • Workplace safety ensured.
    • communication of Safety, Health and Environment to all team members are on an on-going basis
    • Occupational Health & Safety systems promote zero workplace injury at all times.
    • Local environmental regulation is aligned with workplace safety on an on-going basis.
  • Workplace hazards eliminated at all times.                 
  • Systems assist in the identification and elimination of workplace hazards on an on-going basis
4. CJPatel group's values upheld and demonstrated at all times
  • Collaborate with other teams for the benefit of the organisation
  • Monitor and encourage team members to uphold image and value standards
  • Uphold and demonstrate the organisations image and values
  • Confidentiality of financial, technical and operational information ensured at all times
  • IT best practice and good ethic promoted and advocated at all times

Responsibilities - Critical Competencies

Competence Description
Customer Commitment Demonstrate a commitment to customer service - both internal and external customers.
Relationship Building Build beneficial relationships with suppliers and stakeholders.
Team Orientation Work in a team towards a common aim.
Facilitation Assist the progress of work ensuring its timely and effective completion.
Problem Solving Develop practical solutions to a situation.
Technical Strength Demonstrate knowledge of a specialist discipline.
Compliance Comply with relevant laws and the policies and procedures of the organisation.
Technology Application Apply technology.


Qualification Discipline Notes
Degree Information Technology/Computing

Work Knowledge and Experience

  1. At least one year of working experience in a similar capacity with strong customer focus
  2. Display confidence when dealing with people, with well-developed written and verbal communication skills.
  3. Ability to work in a flexible hours when required with the ability to maintain detailed and accurate records.
  4. Knowledge of computer networking, LAN, WLAN installation, configuration, troubleshooting.
  5. Good interpersonal skills, should be able to interact with all staff across all level and cadre
  6. Creative, open to new ideas and ability to multi-task effectively & have good problem-solving skills
  7. Ability to work well in a team


Regulatory Compliance Requirements
Driver’s License
Driver’s License


Interaction Comments
All employees
Taxation Authority


Attribute Definition
Behavioural Styles
Accountable Assumes full responsibility for own actions and identifies with the success or failure of own part of the overall work/goal.
Achiever Puts in effort to achieve a desired result or goal and is motivated by this end and the overall accomplishment.
Innovative Devises new and creative ways to do things comes up with original ideas.
Reliable Is able to be trusted to do what is expected or has been promised, puts in a great amount of effort believing in the value of work.
Interpersonal Styles
Consensus seeker Works to achieve group solidarity and general agreement and harmony.
Team Oriented Enjoys being with others as part of a group or team.
Perceptive Shows keen insight and understanding of issues or situations.
Thinking Styles
Analytic Able to separate things into their constituent elements in order to study or examine them, draw conclusions, or solve problems.
Well organised Controls tasks in a well thought out and critical manner.
Disciplined/Systematic Is controlled in conduct, shows an orderly pattern of behaviour, following a methodical and thorough approach.
Holistic thinker Considers issues/situations as a whole rather than analysing or dissecting the parts.

Wailekutu, Fiji


10 Nov 2023

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2 months ago

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