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Solomon Power Solomon Power

Chief Engineer

Job Description

Solomon Islands Electricity Authority (SIEA) trading as Solomon Power is a state-owned enterprise established under the Electricity Act 1969 and governed by the State-Owned Enterprises Act 2007 and the associated regulations. Solomon Power owns, maintains, and operates the country’s national electricity grid. Solomon Power generates, transmits, distributes and sells electricity in the Solomon Islands.

The Chief Engineer is primarily responsible for the leadership, effective management and delivery of the Engineering (Generation, Transmission & Distribution, Outstations, Control Centre, and Regulatory) divisional functions, annual plans, budgets, and objectives in relation to Solomon Power’s vision and mission. This role reports to the Chief Executive Officer.


Organisational Stakeholders
1. Solomon Power's Strategic goals supported
  • Effective contribution to the strategic planning process and strategic plan implementation ensured: 
    • preparation of Solomon Power annual and five-year plans and operating plans effectively contributed to
    • strategy development and decision making to meet strategic and operational objectives delivered
    • high level of customer service provided
    • appropriate and sustainable returns to shareholders ensured
  • Good corporate and governance practices delivered
  • Board of Solomon Power and the Executive Management effectively supported in the following areas:                      
    • Review, implementation, modeling and promoting the vision, mission and strategic objectives of Solomon Power
    • Influencing and inspiring others to share the ownership of Solomon Power’s vision, mission and strategic objectives
    • Supporting the drive for ethical practices into Solomon Power’s processes
    • Backing the drive for the development of Solomon Power employees to achieve quality outputs
  • Positive corporate image and effective delivery of information, including through Solomon Power’s internal & public forums contributed to
  • Effective cost management applied:
    • Annual divisional budget allocations effectively managed and actual spend vs budget as well as approvals monitored and as well as periodically reported for accountability
    • Divisional functions managed according to agreed budget levels
    • Seek efficiency gains and deliver within agreed business targets
  • Robust risk identification, monitoring and mitigation practices established, successfully implemented and continuously refined
  • Executive management and the Board assisted in creating an environment conducive for the achievement of strategic direction underpinned by behaviours that are guided by Solomon Power organisational values
  • Executive management assisted via the leadership of change and innovation in the organisation


2. Effective Leadership of the Generation, Distribution, Regulatory, Outstations, & Control Centre Operations & Maintenance.
  • Safety, effectiveness and efficiency of the Lungga and Honiara Power Stations' operations ensured
  • Power supply to the Honiara Industries, Commercial and Government Institutions and residences maintained 
  • Effective and proactive maintenance programs on all power generators at Lungga and Honiara planned and effectively executed
  • Transmission and distribution plants and network in Honiara and at the Outstations effectively operated and maintained
  • New network extensions and distribution substations designed, constructed and installed successfully in accordance with Solomon Power standards/requirements
  • Sound and relevant technical support provided and major capital (distribution) works projects successfully implemented
  • Effective delivery/formation of the Outstation & Control Centre Departments.
  • Generation Capacity in Honiara to G-2 and G-1 at the Outstations achieved
    • Successful collaboration with the planning, project and the operation teams in the effective planning and implementation of generation projects delivered
  • N-1 Network Reliability in Honiara achieved                
  • Successful collaboration with the Planning, Capital Works and the Operation teams in the effective planning and implementation of the Lungga HV Switchgear replacements, the SCADA project the upgrade of the Ranandi Substation and the OPGW and other fibre optic projects
  • Collaborate with other Divisions lead in ensuring service & reliability levels and indices of SAIFI, SAIDI, & CAIFI are monitored and kept within acceptable limits on annual basis in relation to Pacific Benchmarking criteria
  • Collaborate with other Divisions lead the Engineering Division in the delivery of effective Asset Management Systems, Process, & Tools for efficient Operations & Maintenance.
  • Collaborate with other Divisions lead in ensuring technical & non-technical losses are monitored and kept within acceptable limits
  • Provision of capability(ies) within Solomon Power delivered in the planning of improvement of capacities in the generation and distribution systems
    • Maintenance and operational planning improved
  • Timely and relevant support provided in the planning of new & operational projects, capital developments both in Honiara and at the Provinces
  • Relevant technical inputs provided to capital works projects; finalisation of technical specifications and designs ensured






3. Leadership of the Engineering function managed effectively
  • Leadership in the provision of relevant capability(s) in the following areas delivered:
    • developing and managing the maintenance plans and systems
    • monitoring and testing of all electrical plant and equipment at the Lungga and Honiara Power Stations and Outstations and the various 33kV zone substations in the Honiara network
  • Work with the Regulatory Department in establishing a licensing framework for electricians, electrical contractors and power generators in Solomon Islands.


4. Leadership of the Regulatory function managed effectively
  • Regulatory support provided to contractors and developers 
  • Electrical plant and equipment installed and wired in full compliance with AS/NZ 30000 standards
  • Progress and final inspections effectively arranged on all electrical installations.
  • Safety of installations for the user and also for the general public ensured
5. Fully compliant division
  • All projects and Division deliverables fully compliant with the prevailing laws, codes, good corporate governance practices as well as organisational policies, procedures and directives
  • Business and group compliances as well as audit requirements assisted
  • Culture of compliance developed and continuously strengthened across the division
  • Professionalism and integrity of input to the Board and resultant compliance with the directives and resolutions of the Board ensured
  • Full compliance with the following ensured:                 
    • requirements of the environmental system(s)
    • specific environmental management procedures applicable to the Division's work
    • any directive/direction given by any person employed by Solomon Power fulfilling the requirements of the environmental systems
    • Reporting, enhancing and assisting in the management and function of the environmental system(s) ensured
6. Teamwork and cooperation
  • Cooperation within the team and greater function / department encouraged
  • Cooperation across functions / departments ensured
  • Collaboration to achieve relevant organisational targets and goals led
7. Human capital management within the Division ensured
  • Mentorship of direct reports ensured:    
    • Solomon Power maintains its required manpower levels as per budget and project pipeline
    • Activities to address project manager performance effectively coordinated
    • Continued professional development observed
  • Ongoing coaching and mentoring of other staff to ensure growth, confidence and independence delivered
  • Personnel effectiveness and individual growth encouraged/supported
  • Innovation and change within the Division championed
  • Solomon Power values promoted and constructive culture that motivates and inspires team members established
  • Team members understand and apply Solomon Power values in their daily work environment
  • Identification of opportunities for improving business performance, through effective change management programs assisted
  • Work environment conducive for collaboration,innovation, continuous improvement, mutual trust and respect established and continuously strengthened
8. Reporting
  • Compilation, review and delivery of the Engineering weekly, monthly, and annual reports
  • Development, review, and presentation of Board reports including business cases required for operational projects.
9. A healthy, safe and OHS compliant Solomon Power
  • Taking reasonable care of own health and safety and for the safety of other people, including people working under incumbent's supervision or direction who may be affected by his or her acts or omissions at the workplace ensured
  • Compliance with lawful direction given by Solomon Power with respect to health and safety matters under current Safety acts and regulations
10. Environmental protection is prioritised at all times
  • Ensure adherence to the requirements of the environmental systems
  • Ensure compliance with specific environmental management procedures applicable to their work
11. Solomon Power's organisational values and standards upheld at all times
  • Alignment of organisational values and strategic direction supported and appropriately assisted
  • Organisational values and good corporate governance practices are upheld and complied with at all time

Responsibilities - Critical Competencies

Competence Description
Strategic Development Establish the strategic direction and steer the organisation towards its goals
Risk Management Analyse and manage risk.
Planning Deliver results by developing, reviewing or following a work plan, action plan or operational plan.
Resource Management Deliver results through the efficient and effective allocation and use of supplies , equipment and people.
Systems and Procedures Develop and/or apply procedures to assist the organisation achieve its goals.
Communication Exchange information through verbal communication
Customer Commitment Demonstrate a commitment to customer service - both internal and external customers.
Commercial Focus Optimize the commercial viability of the organisation.
Relationship Building Build beneficial relationships with suppliers and stakeholders.
Quality Focus Deliver quality.
Leadership Utilise a leadership position to influence people and events and to increase performance.
Team Orientation Work in a team towards a common aim.
Facilitation Assist the progress of work ensuring its timely and effective completion.
Problem Solving Develop practical solutions to a situation.
Negotiation Reach agreement through discussion and compromise.
Innovation Use original and creative thinking to make improvements and/or develop and initiate new approaches.
Learning Develop the competencies of self and others to enhance performance.
Technical Strength Demonstrate knowledge of a specialist discipline.
Compliance Comply with relevant laws and the policies and procedures of the organisation.
Technology Application Apply technology.
Equipment Operation Control the operation of specialised equipment, plant or vehicles to satisfy the demands of the assignment.
Maintenance Monitor and/or maintain equipment, plant or vehicles in sound operating order.
Health and Safety Establish and maintain a safe and healthy work environment.
Stock Control Acquire and monitor stock to meet business needs


Qualification Discipline Notes
Degree Degree in Electrical Engineering
Degree Business and Management
Master's Degree Business Administration, Engineering

Work Knowledge and Experience

  1. Ability to Lead and supervise his subordinates.
  2. Ability to communicate effectively with internal and external contacts.
  3. Ability to provide technical advice and inputs.
  4. At least 5 years’ experience in a similar role and 10 years' experience in the field of electrical engineering
  5. Proven experience with managing and partnering with key stakeholders
  6. Demonstrated experience in developing and delivering performance measures
  7. Demonstrated ability to establish, manage, motivate, train and develop an effective team and team members
  8. Appreciation of diverse employee demographics and local cultural underpinnings


Language Proficiency
Excellent command of English (written and oral)
Understands and speaks Pidgin
Professional Associations
Recognised Professional Engineer by Engineers Australia
Chartered Engineer
Regulatory Compliance Requirements
Registered Licensed Electrician


Interaction Comments
Chief Executive Officer
Board of Directors
Executive and Senior Management
Other SP staff members as and when required
Distribution Engineers
Staff of engineering Departments in Honiara and at the Outstations.
General public
Consultants and Contractors
Regional organisations, partners etc.
Government representatives


Attribute Definition
Behavioural Styles
Accountable Assumes full responsibility for own actions and identifies with the success or failure of own part of the overall work/goal.
Innovative Devises new and creative ways to do things comes up with original ideas.
Punctuality Completes a required task or fulfils an obligation before or at a previously designated time
Interpersonal Styles
Objective Impartial and honest in dealings with others, eliminating own feelings and view to reach a balanced judgement.
Perceptive Shows keen insight and understanding of issues or situations.
Realistic Shows concern for facts and reality, rejecting the impractical.
Thinking Styles
Analytic Able to separate things into their constituent elements in order to study or examine them, draw conclusions, or solve problems.
Disciplined/Systematic Is controlled in conduct, shows an orderly pattern of behaviour, following a methodical and thorough approach.
Holistic thinker Considers issues/situations as a whole rather than analysing or dissecting the parts.

Ranadi, Solomon Islands


02 Jul 2024

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